Grow Your Online Presence without Adding Media Staff or Volunteers

There is a Solution for Your Church

$120,000 Annual Grant

How to secure advertising funding, campaign management, and professional video content.

Results Based Online Blueprint

The ONE blueprint system that your church needs in order to effectively reach your community online.

Improve Visitor Retention

Why you need to ensure that your visitors are consistently followed up with - and how to do it.

“Church Pros completely prepared us for this COVID 19 crisis. As a Pastor, I am grateful that our church has been able to stay connected, continue growing, and financially supported online. If we had ignored the importance of investing in a complete online blueprint system, things would be much different for us right now. Their support team has been a valuable asset to our staff and volunteers.”
Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn II - ChurchPro - Church Online Blueprint System
Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn II
Pastor, New Life Christian Center

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